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We're here to take requests for otherkin fashion!

If you have any questions go ahead.

Gosh guys we are so sorry we haven’t been doing requests lately! Just started school up again and it’s been a crazy two weeks. A lot to focus on and we didn’t have the time to do requests!

Anonymous said: Android-kin maybe?

Certainly tried, nonnie!

I tried to do a bit of androidkin for anon, I’m so sorry there wasn’t a lot! I hope you enjoy what I managed!!

Robots Shirt

Robot Shoes

Cute Retro Robot Plush


Masculine vampirekin for lifekin!! owo


Fangs Ring

This Bracelet

Sorry for the inactive-ness lovelies! ^ ^’

But ask is open now so go crazy’


Repeat after me;

  • There is no shame in taking medication for your illnesses.

Anyone who says differently is wrong.